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Extraordinary cultures don’t happen by accident. If you want a culture where everyone is rowing in the same direction, you need great leaders and strong teams. The Academy of Professional Engagement specializes in creating cultures where people want to work and cultivates leaders people want to follow. Let’s help you build an engaged and capable team!

Our Approach

Leadership at Every Level

To move further, build together. Reduce turnover and burnout by unleashing the personal strengths of each person on your team..

Teams that Transcend

Address the common pitfalls holding your team back from rowing together. Create an effective powerhouse by improving your team communication and dynamics.

Systems that support

Creating extraordinary cultures isn’t easy, but you don’t have to do it alone. We’ll help you implement systems and policies that empower your team and leaders long after the training ends.

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About Us

The Academy of Professional Engagement is dedicated to inspiring individuals and organizations to pursue their passions and reach their full potential. Our vision is to create a world where most people wake up every day inspired, feel safe in their surroundings, and end the day fulfilled by their work.

Through our training and coaching programs, we strive to help people discover their unique talents and passions and to provide them with the tools and support they need to express them in the most intelligent, contributive, and meaningful way possible.

Philip Cunningham

Founder and CEO

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